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To be the foremost Provincial Tourist Destination in Sri Lanka.


To develop and promote Tourism in Southern Region of Sri Lanka in Sustainable manner under the guidance of national planning and policy with the effective community participation in order to enhance the national economy and prevent natural cultural and ecological values.

About Ruhunu Tourist Bureau

Tourism is a Ministerial portfolio in almost all the provincial governments, since it is a subject on the concurrent list and the councils are aware of the power they can exercise in this regard. In the Southern Provincial Council, The Ministry of chief minister, Law & order, Health & Indigenous Medicine, Tourism, Local Government & Transport is responsible for tourism. Also a statute to provide for the establishment of the Ruhunu Tourist Bureau of the Southern Provincial Council under the Ministry for the promotion and the regulation of the tourist industry within the Southern Province and for matters connected therewith has been gazette as “RUHUNU TOURIST BUREAU STATUTE No 01 of 2000 of the Southern Province” . The Bureau headed by the Chairman, Managing Director and a Board of Directors.


The Objectives of the Bureau shall be :

  • To Handling all marketing and promotional activities related to the travel and tourism industry of Southern Province in Sri Lanka.
  • To Encourage, Promote and Develop efficient tourist services within the Southern Province
  • To assist financially or otherwise any local authority, Public Corporation or Government Department and to assist by granting loans to any person or body of persons (whether corporate or incorporate) Operating or maintaining any tourist service for the purpose of the attainment of the Objects of the Bureau.


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