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Hiyare Reservoir Rain Forest

Hiyare Reservoir Rain forest is a secondary lowland rain forest with a high diversity and endemic of species. Considering its small size, Hiyare contains an amazing number of endemic species. There are 55 species of dragonflies, of which 12 are found only in the Hiyare area. 78 butterfly species have been identified with three endemic to this area.

Over 150 species of fresh water fish, reptiles, amphibians, land snails and mammals inhabit Hiyare. Out of that, over 60 are endemic to the 600 acre Hiyare Reservoir and Rain forest area. If included the endemic birds, dragonflies and butterflies, this is one of the highest concentrations of unique species found in one small rain forest anywhere in the world. And more undiscovered species are being found each year.


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