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Bundala National Park

In 1996, the Bundala National Park was added to the Ramsar Convention as the first internationally acclaimed country in Sri Lanka.

From the north of the globe to the south-western tip of the bird, Bundy is one of the birds in the world. There are nearly 20000 birds in the area, which can be seen all over the place where residential aquatic birds live.

According to current research, 50 species of bird species have been reported from 150 families. Of these, about 50 species of bird species can be seen, of which eight are birds.

The only endemic bird found in the park is the foreskin. In addition, there is an internationally-endangered pheasant and his dear little hands in Bundala. Baroque mana and the rare bird like Alimanawa are the largest birds in Sri Lanka.

There is a great significance for the island as well as for the local birds, a catchment area, a lodging place, a security pit and a breeding ground.


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