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Yala National Park

Yala national park basking on the southern province of Sri Lanka is one of the most visited tourism destination in Sri Lanka. Yala national park was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and upgraded as a National Park in 1938.

In addition to enter the park you must come to the gateway at Tissamaharama. You can entertain an aromatic area on a safari jeep provide by the authorities. The park gets rain water during the months of May to September. Significantly the park is positioned in the dry semi arid climatic region. The park is divided in to 5 major divisions. Two of them can be accessed by the public. Ruhunu National Park and the Kumana National Park are open to the public.

A fitting hot or dry climate can be presupposed in the park. Being the 2nd largest national park in Sri Lanka covers an area of 979 square kilo meters. Yala national park carries in to affect the most beautiful experience of wild life. Forty four varieties of mammals and 215 varieties of birds are recorded in the wide life records.

The park has earned a reputation for the sake of the Sri Lanka leopard. This leopard is a distinct sub species of Indian leopards. During the months of January – July leopards become more active. Literally leopards are roaming everywhere. Tourists are allowed to capture them into photographs in distance.

Address: Hambantota

Area: 978.8 km²

Open  Hours:  6AM – 6PM

Phone: 0112 888 585

Management: Department of Wildlife Conservation

Established: 1900


Location Map:

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