Ussangoda National Park

 Ussangoda national park is located in Ambalanthota, Hambanthota District, in southern part of Sri Lanka . This park is bordering the Kalametiya wild life sanctuary and the Indian Ocean.

Ussangoda is one of a special site in Sri Lanka due to its own geographical features, the soil structure and flora. The geological structure in this area is different from other part of the surrounding. This covers about 20 acres of land with dark red soil, small rocks, short grass and bushes. Due to the specialty in the Ussangoda earth, no other plants or trees can be grown.

According to the old day stories, the history of Ussangoda goes even up to king Ravana era. Some believes that this place used by king Ravana to land his air craft named Dandu Monara.

The more scientific belief is that, this place was struck by a meteorite long time ago and Ussangoda is a part of that meteorite which had changed with time. So this red earth created is due to asteroid.


Location Map:

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