Hathbinna Ella

The 6 m high Hathbinna Water Falls is in the Sinharaja forest area, near the Lankagama village in Galle district. To reach the Sinharaja forest there are four routs. They are: Kalawana, Veddagala Road, Rakwana- Morning side Road, Hondugama – Neluwa Road & Peniyala-Pallegama Road respectively. From Neluwa town along a difficult route, all the way covering along a difficult route, and proceeding for about 12 km to the site of the fall.There are surroundings the fall is colonised and tea estates are everywhere. When coming to Langama 1/2 km from the point where Brahmana fall joins the Hatbinna fall is found. Lankagama village could be reached only via Hiniduma & Deniyaya roads. A solidarity of falls are created above Ginganga River and the Hathbinna Ella Falls cascades down from over a rocky slab across Ginganga River known as Nilwella. Lankagama itself is a composition of Nillmala, Wathugala Arunuwa, Warukandeniya & Kolonthptuwa Villages.

Location Map:

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