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Transport can be arranged prior to arrival or even on arrival. Check with the hotel or the travelling agency you are using to arrange transport or just ask for an airport taxi, which will take you anywhere you want to go.

Distance from Colombo to
Km m
Galle 116 72
Hambantota 238 147
Matara 160 99
Hikkaduwa 99 61
Tissamaharama 254 157
Yala 305 189
Kataragama 283 175


Southern Expressway

Southern Expressway is Sri Lanka’s first E Class highway. Construction on the highway began in 2006 and completion up to Matara is expected in 2013. However the public opening was declared on 27 November 2011 from Kottawa to Pinnaduwa.

Presently there are eight Interchange points along the E01 Expressway. They are Kottawa Interchange, Kahatuduwa Interchange, Gelanigama Interchange, Dodangoda Interchange, Welipenna Interchange, Kurundugahahetekma Interchange, Baddegama Interchange and Pinnaduwa Interchange.

The Second Phase of the E01 Expressway from Galle to Matara was commissioned on 15th March 2014. Entry from Galle to the expressway is from Pinnaduwa Interchange. Exit to Matara is from Godagama Interchange. From Pinnaduwa Interchange proceeding towards Matara, the first interchange that comes across is Imaduwa Interchange. It connects to Galle-Deniyaya-Madampe main road. The second Interchange coming across is Kokmaduwa Interchange which connects to Imaduwa -Kananke road. Passing Kokmaduwa Interchange, the exit to Matara is through Godagama Interchange.

There are plans to have two more interchanges along Galle – Matara expressway. One between Pinnaduwa and Imaduwa and the other between Kokmaduwa and Godagama. The length of newly constructed section of the expressway from Galle to Matara is 35 km. The

Third phase of the expressway will lead upto Hambantota also connecting to Mattala Air Port which is going to be started in a future date.

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